To support all students to achieve SACE through accessing VET in Schools programs that provide pathways leading to further education, training and/or employment.


To provide learning opportunities that prepare young people for further education, training and employment while at the same time enabling them to complete their SACE.


  • To build partnerships that facilitate a sharing of resources and programs.
  • To enhance the employment and learning opportunities for our students by aligning our programs with key regional, state and national strategies to support the skills needs of the workforce.
  • To support improved retention and engagement of students in learning or earning through VET in Schools programs that articulate to Certificate 3 level qualifications and school based apprenticeships. 
  • To implement a range of strategies that support flexible delivery to maximise student access to programs and initiatives across the Trade School whilst at the same time minimising the need to travel to programs. 

Our Challenge

Improve collaboration and partnerships between schools, RTO’s and Industry and the community.

Strategic Directions 2009-2011

  • Student Learning 
  • Partnerships and Governance 
  • Continuous Improvement