About Trade Schools for the Future

What are Trade Schools for the Future?

Trade Schools for the Future enable students from Year 10 onwards to gain practical skills for work while they are still at school.
Ten new trade schools are being created across South Australia as part of a $98 million package to build the skills of the State's workforce.

Trade Schools for the Future will deliver hands on, practical training to more young people in areas where skilled people are needed.

At the same time, young people will be able to achieve their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) while learning skills and working toward industry-accredited qualifications.

Students can start preparing for their working future as early as Year 8, by studying courses that will develop the high level of maths and science skills necessary to undertake an Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

Young people will be better prepared to take on Apprenticeships and skilled jobs in areas that include:

• Manufacturing: for example, machine operator, welder, metal fabricator
• Electrotechnology: for example, electrician, electrical systems maintenance technician, refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic
• Engineering: for example, fitter and turner, plant mechanic, metal machinist
• The Automotive industry: for example, auto mechanic, diesel mechanic, heavy mobile equipment mechanic
• Mining resources: for example, construction trades - carpenter, plumber, mine equipment operator, drilling operator
• Community services (health): for example, child care worker, aged care worker, health technician.

Each trade school will tap into TAFE and other vocational education and training organisations to provide nationally accredited and industry recognised courses.